Native grasses are “native” to the region in which they grow. Historically purchased to provide forage for livestock, native grasses can also be planted to stabilize soil, provide wildlife with food and cover and add interesting textures and colors to a landscape. Native grasses are fairly simple to maintain due to being accustomed to their region and often require less water, fertilizer and maintenance than other plant types.


Many species of native grasses can adapt to the region they’re planted in, thriving in the sun or shade while tolerating poor soil conditions.

Easy To Maintain

Because native grasses have adapted to specific regions over so many centuries, they need little care after establishment to thrive.

Conserve Water

Deep root systems can help stabilize surrounding soil and increase its capacity for holding moisture.

Add Color

A wide variety of colors and textures can be selected or mixed, allowing you to choose the best species for your landscape needs.

Attract Wildlife

Native grasses can provide great forage and cover for many wildlife species.

Easy To Blend

Regional mixes or custom blends are available to provide adequate elements of color, texture and adaptability.

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